The 2018-19 Budget Consultation process has now closed

The Government would like to thank those individuals, community groups and organisations that have contributed to the 2018-19 Budget Consultation process.

Public submissions may be found on the Input Received page:

No further submissions will be uploaded to this site.

What should we prioritise in the 2018-19 ACT Budget?

The Chief Minister and Treasurer is starting to prepare the 2018-19 ACT Budget. As part of this process, we are seeking your suggestions on where to prioritise resources, so we continue to deliver the essential services you expect across all regions of Canberra.

Submissions are now welcome from any interested group, organisation, business or individual.

Refer to the Chief Minister and Treasurer's message if you require more information.

How to have your say


We want to hear from all Canberrans on what services are most important to them.

  • Complete the Short ACT Budget Survey below to have your say
  • You can also provide more detailed feedback by completing the Detailed ACT Budget Survey

Groups, organisations and businesses

Community, business groups, unions and other stakeholders can have their say by:

Short ACT Budget Survey

Tell us your priorities

    1. Active Travel – More walking tracks and cycleways to assist movement around our city
    2. Arts and Culture – Hosting more events that showcase our city
    3. Economic Growth – Supporting our local businesses and attracting foreign investment
    4. Education – More teachers, classrooms and resources for our education system
    5. Emergency services – Increased capacity for fire and rescue services
    6. Health and Health Infrastructure – More doctors, nurses and facilities
    7. Housing and Land Release – Addressing housing supply/affordability, support for renters, and meeting the community's demand for land
    8. Justice and Corrections - More funding for police, improving the court system, and more rehabilitative and education programs
    9. Public Transport – expanded bus services and rolling out the light rail network
    10. Roads and Associated Infrastructure – Expanding the road network and addressing bottlenecks and black spots
    11. Social Inclusion – Supporting the LGBTIQ community and working towards an age friendly and culturally diverse city
    12. Sport and Recreational Facilities – Bringing more sporting events to the Territory
    13. Support for the Vulnerable – Additional community and domestic and family violence support services
    14. Supporting the Indigenous Community – Increased cultural teaching in schools, career pathways, and access to legal aid
    15. Sustainable Environment – Responsible waste management, protecting local wildlife, and more renewable energy
    16. Taxation and Concessions – More efficient taxes and concessions to assist with cost of living
    17. Urban Renewal – Revamping our city centre and keeping it clean
    From the same list of services, select the three (3) you think we should be spending LESS on. Required
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    The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.