Project status: On hold

How you had your say:

During the consultation period we were keen to hear your views about the Draft Reserve Management Plan and held information sessions across Canberra.

We also asked people to comment on the Review of the 1999 Canberra Nature Park Management Plan, conducted as part of developing the new draft plan.

The listening report for this consultation is now complete.

We are looking at:

The ACT Parks and Conservation Service has developed a draft plan to guide management of Canberra Nature Park for the next 10 years. The park belongs to the community, so the Parks and Conservation Service was keen to hear the community’s views on the plan.

Canberra Nature Park has 37 reserves in and around urban Canberra. These reserves give our city its distinctive character as the nation’s ‘city in the landscape’. They protect important forest, woodland and grassland ecosystems and provide habitat for our native wildlife, including many threatened species. They provide the extraordinary opportunity for nature-based experiences and an active lifestyle that so many Canberrans value, contributing significantly to the health and wellbeing of the community.

The Draft Reserve Management Plan:

  • is based on a high level of understanding about the natural values of Canberra Nature Park
  • outlines the park’s values, the goals for reserve management, and actions to be implemented to achieve these goals
  • guides the community’s use of Canberra Nature Park
  • balances the interests of all visitors to the park

About the plan


Canberra Nature Park enriches the lives of a vibrant and healthy community, ensuring our natural and cultural heritage is valued and conserved forever.

Canberra Nature Park:

  • protects our threatened ecosystems and species
  • is rich in history and heritage
  • contributes significantly to the liveability of our city and the health of our community
  • sustains Canberra’s special character as ‘a city in the landscape’
  • belongs to the community.


  • Ecosystems and species are managed, in the face of a changing climate, for long-term viability and are well connected across the landscape.
  • Scientific evidence underpins management decisions.
  • Canberra Nature Park makes a significant contribution to the liveability of the city and health of the community.
  • Canberra Nature Park protects and contributes to the special landscape character of Canberra as Australia’s ‘city in the landscape’.
  • Traditional Custodians’ aspirations to care for Country are respected and enabled and their connection to Country is enhanced, with traditional practices enriching contemporary management and cultural, social and economic benefits accruing to Traditional Custodians and society.
  • Historic heritage values are protected, interpreted and well maintained.
  • Life-long connections between people, nature and parks are created through learning opportunities inspired by nature.
  • Scientific evidence underpins management decisions.

We will use your views to:

Your feedback on the draft management plan will help us develop a plan that balances the interests of diverse stakeholders while conserving the natural environment and ensuring the sustainability of the park.