We are looking at:

The Terms of Reference, or scope, for the Planning Review are to:

  • Simplify the planning system
  • Improve the balance between certainty and flexibility in the system
  • Consider character, context and design as key elements of the system

The ACT Planning Review will focus on the legislative frameworks and policies that inform planning and development in the ACT, including the Territory Plan and ACT Planning and Development Act.

In other words, the Review will consider:

  • What values are important to community and industry when it comes to planning?
  • What principles inform the delivery of a clear and innovative system?
  • What mechanisms are required to deliver an effective planning system?

The Review aims to capture the themes and findings of the ACT Planning Strategy, improving the planning system for community and industry.

What’s off the table?

Topics that are off the table for discussion include:

  • Governance of the Review and the Planning System
  • Incorporating the National Capital Plan into the Territory Plan
  • A developer contribution scheme
  • Incentive schemes
  • Suburb-specific plans
  • Removal of the leasehold system
  • An additional/alternative development approval process, such as planning panels
  • Conversation about development outside of the scope of the ACT Planning Strategy.