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Please note, in order that a COVID safe environment is maintained, physical distancing will be observed for in person activities, hand sanitiser will be supplied and participants asked to check in using the Check in CBR app on arrival. Please do not attend a session if you are unwell. Events may be cancelled should the health situation change.

We are looking at:

The Suburban Land Agency (SLA) is developing a Place Plan for Belconnen Town Centre Renewal Precincts. Placemaking inspires people to collectively re-imagine and reinvent public spaces as the heart of every community.

The purpose of the Place Plan is to define the opportunities particular to Belconnen Town Centre and to help create unique experiences with a strong sense of place in the renewal precincts. We want to hear what is important to you and what inspires and attracts you in public places and streets and understand what people value about town centre life. This will allow us to activate and connect key public spaces in the renewal precincts, build strong local business partnerships and create safe environments to play, work and visit.

The Belconnen Town Centre Renewal Precincts consist of three distinct but connected precincts: Emu Inlet Waterfront; Circus Site and Lathlain Street precincts. The three precincts include future development sites and the streets and spaces between them. See the map below.

A map showing three urban renewal precincts in the Belconnen Town Centre

The place planning engagement builds on the 2016 Belconnen Town Centre Master Plan that identified opportunities for a ‘main street’ for Lathlain Street and to provide a pedestrian connection to the Emu Bank foreshore.

The Place Plan will describe the overarching vision and place themes to improve the spaces for all users. It will guide the development of sites planned to be released over the next few years and can inform public place and street upgrades in the future.

We are reaching out to community groups and stakeholders. If you are a stakeholder group and have not heard from us yet and would like to get involved please email us at

Additional information and on-going updates will be included here on YourSay from time to time, so feel free to check-in and stay involved in the project.

We will use your views to:

Your views will help us draft a Place Plan for the Belconnen Town Centre Urban Renewal Precincts.