Consultation extended to Friday 31 May 2019

Project status: Open

The Better Suburbs Play Spaces Forum allocated $375,000 for five whole of suburb play reviews.

The suburbs selected by the forum are Richardson, Waramanga, Torrens, Narrabundah and Higgins.

How to have YourSay:

We want residents' feedback on the existing play opportunities in each of the five suburbs - do you use them and why, and do they cater to everyone in the community?

We also want to hear from you about how these spaces could be improved - are there elements you have seen at other locations that you would like to see in the suburb? Where could a feature play space be built?

You can have your say by visiting the YourSay page for your suburb where there is a survey, interactive map and details of face-to-face workshops.

We are looking at:

These reviews will be done in partnership with the local community in each suburb, facilitated by a landscape architect and the TCCS Better Suburbs team.

The result will be plans for a better mix of play across each suburb, catering to more ages, abilities and play styles. This is a new way of planning for play, looking holistically at a suburb rather than at one playground at a time.

We will use your views to:

Each suburb will receive:

  • detailed plans for a key feature play space (new or re-built)
  • a play concept map for the whole suburb.

The suburb reviews will be completed by July 2019.