Project status: In progress

The Better Suburbs Play Spaces Forum allocated $375,000 for five whole of suburb play reviews.

The suburbs selected by the forum are Richardson, Waramanga, Torrens, Narrabundah and Higgins.

Higgins Re-Vote

Two levels of community engagement were undertaken in Higgins as part of our whole of suburb play space reviews. In addition to broader community engagement through the YourSay online survey and pop-ups and workshops at the Southern Cross Early Childhood School, we have undertaken an innovative trial of community co-design for reviewing and creating play spaces in Higgins with a group of local residents who represented the whole Higgins community.

Through the YourSay online survey and co-design group, we had an equal number of votes for two locations: Higgins Oval and Tester Park (Westhoven St), with both locations receiving a total of 29 votes. We took the vote for the location back to the Higgins community and asked where they thought the feature play space should be located. Thank you to everyone who voted. We had a total of 196 contributions, with 122 votes for Tester Park (62%) and 75 votes for Higgins Oval (38%). The feature play space will therefore be developed at Tester Park.

How you had YourSay:

We sought residents' feedback on the existing play opportunities in each of the five suburbs and how these spaces could be improved.

Community feedback can be viewed on the interactive maps for each suburb.

We are looking at:

These reviews will be done in partnership with the local community in each suburb, facilitated by a landscape architect and the TCCS Better Suburbs team.

The result will be plans for a better mix of play across each suburb, catering to more ages, abilities and play styles. This is a new way of planning for play, looking holistically at a suburb rather than at one playground at a time.

We will use your views to:

Each suburb will receive:

  • detailed plans for a key feature play space (new or re-built)
  • a play concept map for the whole suburb.