The annual ACT Budget Consultation is an opportunity for community members to share their views on how ACT Government’s resources could be allocated. We are seeking your feedback to help us make improvements on future Budget Consultations. Your responses will remain confidential, and can be provided anonymously.

The survey will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

Please provide your feedback on the 2017-2018 Budget Consultation process

Did you take part in the 2017-18 ACT Budget Consultation process?
Were you able to convey your views and expectations adequately through the Budget Consultation process?
Was it clear that the Budget Consultation process is about gathering views about Government spending and taxes, and not about seeking funding for specific organisations?
Did you use any other opportunity to communicate with the ACT Government on the topic of your submission? For example, writing to the responsible Minister or applying for grant funding through an ACT Government directorate?
How did you hear about the ACT Budget Consultation process?
How aware were you of the launch/closing date and general requirements of the process?
How satisfied are you with the ACT Government officers who conducted the ACT Budget Consultation Process?
If you raised queries, were you satisfied that they were addressed within suitable timeframes?
Are you happy with how your input was presented on the Budget Consultation website?
Did you use the Budget Consultation website to examine submissions by other individuals/organisations?
How informative did you find the response letter that you received regarding the outcomes of the 2017-18 Budget?
Do you broadly agree that the Government responded to the matters raised by your submission?
How aware are you of the Government’s decision making processes and timeframes in relation to the annual Budget?