The detailed design for the ACT Child Safe Standards scheme will be developed in early 2020. If you would like to contribute to this process, please make a submission.

ACT Government has made these decisions:

  • To require organisations working with children to comply with Child Safe Standards, and
  • To give formal oversight functions to the ACT Human Rights Commission.

You have opportunity to have your say on these questions, which have not yet been decided:

  • Scope of the scheme (which organisations should be included),
  • Types of support to be provided by the oversight body, to assist organisations to comply with the Standards,
  • What monitoring and enforcement powers should be given to the oversight body, and
  • How best to delay commencement of the scheme so that organisations have time to prepare.

An issues paper is available here, if you would like more information before you write your submission.

To have your say on the design of the scheme: