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Sydney and Melbourne Buildings Open for Business

How to have YourSay:

We are making the Central Business District of Canberra more attractive, safer and easier to get around.

We are delivering a new integrated transport network that needs to be supported by an effective interchange in the City for pedestrians, cyclists as well as bus and light rail commuters.

You can stay informed and share feedback while we construct by:

  • Subscribing to construction updates
  • Attending a Construction Catch Up
  • Requesting business signage, window cleaning or noise mitigation
  • Reading the history behind the projects

The efficient construction works in and around the Sydney and Melbourne Buildings will be completed before Christmas.

We are looking at:

From late September to the end of 2018, efficient construction works will be underway on Northbourne Avenue from London Circuit to Rudd Streets and on Alinga Street from Mort Street through to the Northbourne Avenue intersection.

After extensive consultation over many years, we are now constructing:

We are out and about talking to businesses and stakeholders as these construction works progress.

We will use your views to:

Construction is now underway.

We will use your feedback to improve safety and where possible, your experience of construction activity on this project and future projects throughout the ACT Government.


We are answering your questions and will regularly update the common questions and answers here.

How long will construction take?

We appreciate your patience as we get this work completed prior to Christmas, working weekdays between 6am and 8pm.

Why does this work need to happen now?

We have been signalling that these construction works were needed since 2016 and we are delivering multiple construction projects together in an efficient timeframe - rather than a long period of disruption.

Who is responsible for the construction works?

ACT Government through Transport Canberra and City Services and the City Renewal Authority is responsible for the construction works that are being delivered around the Sydney and Melbourne Building.

How are you managing noise?

Where possible we are undertaking noisy works like demolition, pavement removal and cutting pavers early in the morning prior to most trading hours. We also have noise cancelling blankets that can be placed over the fences while works are underway.

What measures are being taken to protect the heritage of the Sydney and Melbourne Buildings?

We are meeting the requirements of the Conservation Management Plan (2011) in place for the Sydney and Melbourne Building. With advice from the ACT Heritage Council we have saved high quality pavers which will form, a heritage feature, we are protecting the building with special boxes around the pillars and we have vibration monitoring in place.

How can I make deliveries to the Sydney and Melbourne Buildings?

Loading zones in the lane ways (Odgers and Verity) are accessible.

When can I apply for the new outdoor dining area?

New outdoor dining will be avaliable prior to Christmas. Work is underway to have forms, conditions and licences ready for application in November.

Project History

Project History

  • Timeline item 1


    Northbourne Plaza ( by Canberra Metro)

  • Timeline item 2


    Conversation #1 - Community Design

    Northbourne Plaza design and the Alinga St light rail stop

  • Timeline item 3


  • Timeline item 4


    ACT Government decision to postpone works on Northbourne median until City to Woden light rail
  • Timeline item 5

    10 August

    Conversation #2 - Works Approval Consultation

    Drop-in Information Session

    Northbourne Plaza design and Alinga St light rail stop

  • Timeline item 6

    31 August

    Conversation #2 - Works Approval Consultation

    Community Information Pop Up

    Northbourne Plaza design and Alinga St light rail stop

  • Timeline item 7


    Conversation #2 - Works Approval Consultation

    Drop-In Information Sessions & Stakeholder discussions

    Northbourne Plaza design and Alinga St light rail stop

  • Timeline item 8


    Conversation #3 - ACT Government access

    Letter for Agreement from Sydney and Melbourne Building owners

  • Timeline item 9


    Conversation #2 - Consultation Report

    National Capital Authority - Works Approval

    Works Approval 100541 and 549 for the Alinga St Stop and the Northbourne verge
  • Timeline item 10

    16 November

    Conversation #4 - Various Projects

    Breakfast Briefing

    Sydney and Melbourne Building - business and owners

  • Timeline item 11


  • Timeline item 12


    Preliminary Construction Advice

    Letter to owners and businesses

    Construction works around Sydney and Melbourne Buildings in 2018/2019

  • Timeline item 13


    ACT Government decision for construction works to be undertaken by Transport Canberra and City Services

    Construction advice

    Sydney and Melbourne Building laneways work

  • Timeline item 14

    5 July

    Conversation # 4 - Various Projects

    Drop-in Information Session

    Sydney and Melbourne property owners and businesses

  • Timeline item 15

    31 August

    Construction advice

    Northbourne verge works and the city bus station expansion

  • Timeline item 16

    6 September

    Conversation #4 - Various projects

    Drop-In Information Session

    Canberra community, Sydney and Melbourne businesses and property owners

  • Timeline item 17

    21 September

    Construction advice

    Northbourne verge works to begin

    ACT Government Construction Update #1

    Media Release: City improvements begin

  • Timeline item 18

    24 September

    Construction Advice

    Face to face discussions

    Sydney and Melbourne Building businesses

  • Timeline item 19

    25 September

    Construction works begin


map of activity in the city between london circuit and rudd streets

Indicative works underway in the City between London Circuit and Rudd/Bunda Streets.