Garema Place and City Walk are at the heart and soul of Civic.

The City Renewal Authority is leading the ACT Government’s program to revitalise central Canberra, encouraging greater social interaction, economic growth and diversity of activity. Giving Civic a new beat is an important part of reaching this vision, and achieving it will require the cooperation of and input from all sectors of industry, government and all Canberrans.

Building on nearly ten years’ worth of previous consultation and research, we are developing a place plan and public realm design concepts, including reviewing current policies, to encourage a revitalised network of public spaces taking in Garema Place, City Walk, Petrie Plaza and Ainslie Place.

While acknowledging that there are some architectural gems, fond places, and iconic artworks and businesses within the area, there is clear evidence that is not currently working as well as it could, it doesn’t have great accessibility, and not everyone feels safe and comfortable there. We want to change this.

Get involved

How to have YourSay

There are a number of ways you can get involved during this project:

  1. Read about the propositions we are considering to help revitalise this part of our city, and complete the online survey to help them become better
  2. Come back to this page later in the year to see the draft place plan and concept design
  3. Register to stay up-to-date on the project and related events
  4. Keep informed and involved as the project progresses through the business case phase

How we will use your views

This project is not the starting point. Over many years, people have contributed many ideas for a revitalised Civic. We have reviewed this feedback and incorporated it into the foundation of our work.

In this project, we will be exploring all options – from the big and bold, to the small and subtle, and everything in-between. Nothing is off the table. Through our survey you will be able to have a say on some of the big issues we need to consider as a part of this project. Later this year you will be able to look at draft concept design and let us know what you think. This will help us develop the final design which we are aiming to complete by the end of the year.


Big ideas survey

This survey was used to help us understand your thoughts on the big ideas we belive will help revitalise the precinct area.

We recieved 35 responses while the survey was open, and will be able to feedback what we heard soon.

Thank you to those who participated.