What's happening?

Temporary improvements to the Dickson Pool forecourt will help you enjoy this space more this summer.

If you've come along to have a look at these improvements please take our 2 minute survey so we know how you feel the new space is working and what else we could consider. Your feedback will inform a detailed design for other upgrades in the future.

The upgrades follow engagement with the community, which told us the upgrades were one of their top priorities and suggested how this space could be improved. The improvements include new landscaping, shade, seating, bike parking and pavement art.

One of the new, permanent features is four semi-mature trees, transplanted from a nearby development site (Block 6, Section 72 Dickson) as part of a transplant trial by the City Renewal Authority, Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate and Transport Canberra and City Services Directorate.

Over the summer we are seeking your feedback on the improvements and undertaking ‘place audits’ to see how much the space is used.

Please tell us how you are using the space, what is working and what could be improved by taking our survey. Your feedback will help guide the design of other upgrades in the future.