In Progress

Feedback is currently being considered and will inform the development of the final code.

To encourage more people to exercise on their way to work or at lunchtime, the ACT Government is proposing changes to the requirements for buildings to have secure bike parking, change rooms and other end-of-trip facilities.

  • The ACT Government has prepared a Draft Variation No 357 – End-of Trip Facilities General Code (DV357) to vary the Territory Plan. DV357 is proposed to replace the Bicycle Parking General Code of the Territory Plan by introducing an End-of-Trip Facilities General Code.
  • The proposed End-of-Trip Facilities General Code aims to encourage employers to provide secure bike parking and change rooms (including showers, lockers and drying facilities) for employees who ride, run or walk to work—or who exercise at lunchtime.
  • The new code will apply to new buildings and to major alterations or extensions to existing buildings, or changes of use that require approval by the planning and land authority.
  • End-of-trip facilities will no longer be counted as part of gross floor area (GFA) calculations of new and current buildings that are constructed or refurbished, giving building owners an incentive to build facilities.
  • The code introduces practical measures to implement the government’s Active Living and Active Travel programs. It will encourage more people to include exercise in their daily activities, such as going to work, and to reduce barriers that might prevent them being more active.
  • When more people exercise while going to work, they have better health and there are fewer cars on the road contributing to congestion and pollution.
  • We are asking the public and industry for their thoughts on end-of-trip facilities and proposed changes to the code and to tell us if there are any adjustments required to ensure the revised code is workable.

Information on Draft Variation 357 End-Of-Trip-Facilities is also available on the EPSDD website here

Have Your Say

The ACT Government seeks your comments on the End-Of-Trip General Code by Tuesday 13 June 2017.

You can provide comment by:

  • Emailing to:
  • Posting to: Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate Territory Plan Team, GPO Box 158, Canberra, ACT 2601
  • Hand delivering to: Access Canberra, Environment Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate Shopfront 16 Challis Street, Dickson

Engagement period – Friday 28 April 2017 to Tuesday 13 June 2017.

Next Steps

The Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD) will consider feedback on the End-Of-Trip General Code provided by the community and industry. This will inform the development of the final code.