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How you had YourSay:

Thanks for participating in our online survey and sharing your ideas about the future of playgrounds in the city.

This consultation is currently closed for comment. We received over 950 responses to this survey. We will now analyse this data to better understand what makes these places an important community feature to you and how and why you use playgrounds.

The final report is now underway, check back in to read the report in June.

We are looking at:

The City Renewal Authority, in partnership with the University of Canberra’s Play Creativity and Culture Project, is conducting an audit of Canberra’s destination and city playgrounds.

The audit will assess and gather information including:

  • input from the community,
  • data collection of available play facilities and amenities,
  • observation of playground usage and activity types, and
  • on-site surveys of users about attitudes to play facilities.

Your views are being used to:

Your views are being used to:

  • Help us design a unique play space for West Basin.
  • Contribute to the Better Suburbs conversation.
  • Show community expectations and help us plan for the future play spaces in the city area.