How you had your say:

Between November 2018 and April 2019 the ACT Government held a targeted consultation process to support the development of an Early Childhood Strategy for the ACT. In total, we heard from 471 stakeholders through over 78 consultation sessions. We heard from 101 children over seven sessions, 138 family members at 22 locations, 105 workforce participants from across the early childhood education and care sector, as well as 127 representatives from 28 peak bodies and organisations in the ACT. Ten written submissions were also received through YourSay.

What we heard:

The ACT community provided advice on how to improve access, equity and affordability of early childhood education, what is needed to better value the workforce and their qualifications, and how to improve children’s transitions from early childhood education to school. Participants also provided feedback on the ACT Government’s goal of providing 15 hours a week, 600 hours a year of quality early childhood education to three-year-old children in the ACT.

How we used your views:

Feedback received through the consultation process is being considered in the development of the Early Childhood Strategy to ensure that it best meets the needs of the ACT community.