Project status: In Progress

How to have YourSay:


During March, we completed 13 pop-up information sessions at some of Canberra’s favourite coffee shops. We will be publishing a "What we heard report" in the coming week.

The team had a great couple of weeks providing information and updates on:

  • Light Rail Stage 2A (City to Commonwealth Park) which recently received Commonwealth Environmental Approval
  • Light Rail Stage 2B (Commonwealth Park to Woden), currently in planning and design and will be assessed through an Environmental Impact Assessment process; and
  • Raising London Circuit, a light rail early works project to improve level road access.


As part of the work being done to deliver Light Rail Stage 2 to Woden, the benefits of extending light rail even further to Mawson is now also being assessed.

In undertaking this work, the ACT Government will be considering whether it makes most sense to include a link to Mawson as part of Light Rail Stage 2, or as part of a future extension to Tuggeranong.

We were in Mawson on 16 and 17 March to hear your thoughts on extending light rail beyond Woden even further to Mawson. If you missed us we will return in the mean time you can provide feedback or comments at - contact us here.

We want to hear about....

We are ensuring there is a community voice in planning and development of the light rail to Woden project and are interested in hearing your views in the following areas:

  • Local business
  • Disability and access
  • The environment
  • Culture and heritage
  • Pedestrian and cycling
  • Our urban landscape
  • Community and residential impacts
  • The transport network.

About the next stage of Canberra’s light rail

The ACT Government is planning, constructing and operating light rail today to Keep Canberra Moving, ensuring the community is well-connected and can continue to move around our city easily. This means getting on with the planning, site investigations, environmental studies, design development and approvals.

Light Rail stage 2 to Woden, will add 12 new stops to the light rail network and connect passengers to more than 50 hotels, 5 education institutions, 10 retails and entertainment precinct, 11 cultural institutions and 20 employment centres. It is expected to move up to 39,000 people every day.

Engagement activities:

If you missed us in March we will be back out on the street soon we love chatting with the community about Light Rail.

If you wish to send feedback, provide comments or ask questions - contact us here

Previous engagement activities:

We are looking at:

Check out the Light Rail Stage 2A route via the flythrough video, or explore the City to Woden light rail project in more detail below.

We will use your views to:

Community and stakeholder views will inform the development of project designs, and planning for the construction and operation of the expanded light rail network.

These outcomes will then inform:

  • The Environmental Approvals processes
  • Development Application for City to Commonwealth Park
  • The Works Approvals for City to Commonwealth Park, and
  • The Environmental Impact Assessment for Commonwealth Park to Woden.
Conversations with the community are ongoing in relation to the light rail project, from design to construction and operation.

While we undertake ongoing public consultation, we continue to operate and plan the north-south spine of the light rail network from Gungahlin to Woden. We are monitoring, listening and learning from the:

  • Passenger experiences and boardings on the Gungahlin to City route;
  • Experiences of construction on the Gungahlin to City route;
  • Commonwealth Inquiry into City to Woden route
  • Outcomes of the Environmental Referral from the Department of Environment and Energy
  • Technical studies on Commonwealth Avenue Bridge, State Circle East and Yarra Glen
  • Ongoing engagement with the National Capital Authority
  • Community discussions on a future Woden Interchange
  • Insights from businesses along the City to Woden route
  • Engagement along the City to Woden route with Community Councils, stakeholder groups and the community, and
  • Experiences of major infrastructure delivery throughout Australia as part of the Next Generation Engagement Project through the Australian National University