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How to have YourSay:

Your light rail network is being expanded from the Alinga Street stop to the Woden town centre via Commonwealth Park.

You can have your say about light rail City to Woden by:

Mitchell Stop

The ACT Government is building a new light rail stop in Mitchell to better service the rapidly growing area.

The Development Application for Mitchell stop has been submitted, and we are now calling on interested parties, local community members and businesses to have their say on this project.

You can find the plans on the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD) website, and lodge a comment via the Access Canberra form.

The comment period will close on Wednesday 4 November.

We are looking at:

The light rail network will make a significant contribution to ensuring Canberra is one of the world's most liveable and competitive cities, connected through smart public transport. Canberra’s public will be able to easily access major educational institutions, retail and entertainment precincts and employment hubs on an integrated public transport network.

We are ensuring there is a community voice in planning and development of the project and are interested in hearing your views in the following areas:

  • Local business
  • Disability and access
  • The environment
  • Culture and heritage
  • Pedestrian and cycling
  • Our urban landscape
  • Community and residential impacts
  • The transport network

The following information is available to inform community understanding of the project:

While we undertake ongoing public consultation, we continue to operate and plan the north-south spine of the light rail network from Gungahlin to Woden. We are monitoring, listening and learning from the:

  • Passenger experiences and boardings on the Gungahlin to City route;
  • Experiences of construction on the Gungahlin to City route;
  • Commonwealth Inquiry into City to Woden route
  • Outcomes of the Environmental Referral from the Department of Environment and Energy
  • Technical studies on Commonwealth Avenue Bridge, State Circle East and Yarra Glen
  • Ongoing engagement with the National Capital Authority
  • Community discussions on a future Woden Interchange
  • Insights from businesses along the City to Woden route
  • Engagement along the City to Woden route with Community Councils, stakeholder groups and the community, and
  • Experiences of major infrastructure delivery throughout Australia as part of the Next Generation Engagement Project through the Australian National University

We will use your views to:

Community and stakeholder views will inform the development of project designs, and planning for the construction and operation of the expanded light rail network from the City to Commonwealth Park.

These outcomes will then inform:

  • The Development Application for City to Commonwealth Park
  • The Works Approvals for City to Commonwealth Park, and
  • The Environmental Impact Assessment for Commonwealth Park to Woden.

Plan, design, construct and operate the light rail network. We will have an ongoing conversation with the community in relation to the project, from design to operation.

Building Stage 2A Flyover Video

Project Timeline

Planning for City to Woden is well underway.
  • Timeline item 1

    2015 to 2016

    Planning Light Rail

    Light Rail Master Plan

  • Timeline item 2

    2017 to 2018

    Design Development

    City to Woden route

  • Timeline item 3

    2017 May to June

    Community & Stakeholder Conversation #1:

    Choosing the prefered route: City to Woden route options & stop locations

  • Timeline item 4

    2018 April

    Key Design Outcomes

    Preferred City to Woden route selected

  • Timeline item 5

    2018 June - 2019 March

    Community & Stakeholder Conversation #2:

    Reviewing the approval process: Commonwealth Joint Standing Committee Inquiry

  • Timeline item 6

    2018 - 2019

    Planning Guidance

    After the Inquiry, Commonwealth Government planning advice and recommendations

  • Timeline item 7

    Aug 2018 to April 2019

    Building the Light Rail Virtual RealityTour

  • Timeline item 8

    20 April 2019

    Operations Commence

    Gungahlin to City

  • Timeline item 9

    2018 to 2019

    Stage 2A Business Case Development

    Using the planning guidance, develop a detailed business case, route design, and procurement options.

  • Timeline item 10

    2019 July

    EPBC Referrals Submission

    Referrals for light rail City to Commonwealth Park, and Commonwealth Park to Woden submitted to the Department of Environment and Energy under the Environmental Protection, Biodiversity, and Conservation Act.

  • Timeline item 11

    2019 to 2020

    Community & Stakeholder Conversation #3:

    Environment and heritage: key approvals to be sensitive to heritage and the environment

  • Timeline item 13


    Procurement Process

  • Timeline item 14

    2020 to 2025


    City to Woden contract close and construction commences

  • Timeline item 15


    Operation Commences

    City to Woden


Light Rail Network Expansion map - Woden