Project status: closed

The Heritage Council has now registered the Cinema Center.

Public consultation on whether the Cinema Center should be registered on the Heritage Register is now closed.

How you had YourSay:

You had YourSay by checking out the document library, site images and map of the property to find out what was being proposed. You also had the opportunity to complete the survey online or by using the survey template (in the document library) and emailing it to the Council at

Comments that were made through the survey, either online or hardcopy, are formal statutory consultation comments and are given to the Council. The statutory consultation notice can be found on the ACT Government’s Find a Public Notice site.

We are looking at:

Cinema Center has been provisionally registered on the ACT Heritage Register for its contribution to the ACTs cultural life, its associations with Dr Darrel Killen and Dr Enrico Taglietti AO as well as its innovative use of Vierendeel trusses and now the Heritage Council want to hear your comments to see if they got it right.

Provisional registration is only the first step to let you know why the Council thinks a place or object is important to the ACT and you, its residents. Now the Council want to hear what you think about their initial assessment to see if you think they got it right, or if there is other information to consider.

The Council’s initial view of heritage significance is in the survey, but you may find the following overview helpful.

Cinema Center has made an important contribution to cultural life in the ACT during the mid to late 20th century. The cinema venue, Center Cinema, in the basement of the building (Center Cinema) operated as an independent cinema for 38 years, providing high quality and culturally diverse entertainment for the burgeoning Canberra population. The place has a strong association with the development of cinema entertainment and attendance as a cultural activity in the ACT, being influential in the establishment of an independent cinema industry in the ACT thanks largely to the special association of the place with Dr Darrell Killen whose partnership with Dr Enrico Taglietti AO led to several other commissions to expand the ACT’s cultural life. There is a further special association between the place and Enrico Taglietti, as it remains as one of his culturally influential private, commercial commissions. [Criteria (a), (h)].

Cinema Center is an early, possibly the first, example of the use of Vierendeel trusses to achieve a large free span basement in Australia. Architect Enrico Taglietti and structural engineer Keith Sellick, developed an innovative design solution where a cinema space could be located underground to free the upper floors for the remaining programme and maximise commercial viability of the complex. The design solution demonstrates creative and technical achievement in its use of three concrete and steel Vierendeel trusses, with a depth of over 4m, to achieve a free span basement space required for the cinema and a functional ground floor layout.

Your views were used to:

You had the opportunity to have your say on whether you thought the Council had it right or wrong, or if there was anything else they should have considered.

A common outcome of consultation is the Council confirming or rethinking what is included in their assessment, or what a final decision may look like. This can involve changing boundaries or adding or removing features that make up the significant fabric of the place.