The ACT Remuneration Tribunal seeks feedback on the remuneration and entitlements of a number of public office holders including:

  • the Judiciary (ACT Supreme Court, ACT Magistrates Court);
  • the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal and the Director of Public Prosecutions; and
  • part-time Holders of Public Office on boards, tribunals and committees.

Written submissions are strongly encouraged. Please consider addressing the following in your submission:

  • the level of responsibility and the type of work that is performed;
  • the impact on the ACT community; and
  • any comparative data or examples from other jurisdictions or industries to support your recommendations.


Please email your submission to (preferred) or post it to:

The Chair
ACT Remuneration Tribunal
PO Box 964

Please note submissions to the Tribunal are usually published on the Tribunal’s website. Please indicate in your submission if you would prefer it not be published and your reasoning.

Submissions close at midday on Wednesday 11 October 2017.