How to have your say

We are proposing to extend daytime noise standards for the city centre (including Braddon commercial area), town and group centres further into the evening.

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Consultation closes: 22 September 2019.

We are looking at

Nightlife in our city centre is more vibrant than ever, with restaurants, live music and other entertainment activity. Other centres are starting to follow suit as more apartments and hotels are attracting nightlife and economic activity.

Noise is part of city living; it’s the trade-off for being close to where you can work and play.

We are proposing to extend current daytime noise standards, which are louder than night-time standards, on Friday and Saturday nights in:

  • the city centre and town centres (Woden, Tuggeranong, Belconnen and Gungahlin) from 10pm to midnight
  • group centres from 10pm to 11pm. Group centres provide shops, commercial and community services for a group of suburbs—see the list of group centres at ‘What does this mean for me’ below.

This consultation is not looking at increasing noise levels, but only extending daytime levels later into the evening and only on Friday and Saturday nights. This will support our night economy by allowing venues to play amplified live music later into the evenings on weekends.

This change is part of our broader review of urban sounds and our ACT planning review.

We will use your views to

Your views will inform our decisions about when and where—and whether—to extend the noise levels in the evening to inform any amendments to the Environment Protection Regulation 2005.