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Thank you for your feedback, the draft Volunteering Action Plan is now under consideration. We’ll update this page in May with the final revised plan.


How to have YourSay:

There's a variety of ways to share your ideas and influence the Volunteering Action Plan to better support volunteering in Canberra.

If you volunteer or want to volunteer, what would make a difference?

Share your views by:

  • Doing the short online survey
  • Taking the quick poll below
  • Sharing your ideas below in the text box
  • Attending the workshop on 12 February

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How can we better support volunteering in the ACT?

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Why is volunteering important?

Why is volunteering important?

Volunteering plays an important role within the ACT community as it contributes to building healthier and more resilient individuals, communities and the environment.

Canberrans volunteer for a lot of reasons, such as coaching, playgroups, environmental, animal welfare and education. Volunteers are a diverse group of all ages, backgrounds and occupations , from students looking for work experience to families wanting to support the community, and people in retirement who want to give back and stay connected.

We want to hear your ideas and feedback to help shape the Action Plan that's designed to improve:

  • Engagement and management of volunteers.
  • Support volunteers and volunteer-involving organisations.
  • Individual well-being, social inclusion and community connectedness.
  • Services and activities for the Canberra community as a result of the contribution of volunteers.

Volunteers contribute an estimated $1.5 billion annually to the ACT

Draft Action Plan

Draft Action Plan

Download the draft Action Plan for more information and your review.

This consultation is now closed. The revised final action plan will be available in May 2018.

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