Project status: Open


How to have YourSay:

Help us to bring life to the Woden Town Square by sharing your ideas to inspire future activities and events as part of the #WodenExperiment.

In February 2018, members of the community participated in a discovery phase to guide the development of a concept design which outlines how the space will be brought to life.

Share your suggestions to inspire future events and activities in the space by:

  • dropping a pin on our interactive map
  • visiting Woden Library to view the concept design and complete a hard copy form
  • emailing with your suggestions.

If you or your organisation is inspired to curate or lead an event in the program, please register your interest on the community event form.

We are looking at:

In early 2019, the ACT Government will re-energise the Woden Town Square through the #WodenExperiment.

The project will feature a furniture installation for six months which will encourage the community to stay, use and enjoy the space with family and friends, building off the success of the 2016 #BackyardExperiment and 2018 micro park pop up at Woden Library.

The concept design developed during the discovery phase responds to feedback to improve the vibe of the Square, and create attractions of interest, shelter from the elements and places to eat.

The design includes five activity hubs, each with their own focus, including a work hub, green dining space, community square, social lounge and timeout space.

Key features of these hubs include a stage for community performances, outdoor offices, smart benches with phone and laptop charging, flexible table settings next to areas set aside for pop up food and drink vendors, turf areas with sun loungers and an outdoor table tennis facility for a bit of fun.

These spaces will cater to diverse groups and will encourage people to pause and spend time in the square, rather than just pass through. We just need your ideas and inspiration to create activities and events in the square.

We will use your views to:

We will use your ideas to inform a program of events and activities to bring the Woden Town Square to life.

Share your ideas:

Share your ideas for activities and events on the interactive map.