Project status: Open

How to have YourSay:

Keeping young Canberrans healthy both physically and mentally is important to us.

The ACT Government is planning the implementation of a Year 7 Health Check program to improve the overall health and wellbeing of our young people. We anticipate the program to be implemented in all Canberra high schools in 2019.

Please read the Year 7 Health Check Public Information Paper, then have your say by:

We are looking at:

Year 7 marks the transition to secondary school and represents an important stage in a child’s development. The Year 7 Health Check will help us to identify the health needs of students early in the school setting. It will also help us to:

  • monitor risk factors for chronic disease in young people, such as overweight and obesity
  • assess emotional wellbeing
  • help connect young people with appropriate health services.

The proposed Year 7 Health Check will involve an assessment of:

  • healthy weight by measuring weight and height
  • emotional wellbeing and associated risk factors by undertaking an electronic survey.

We encourage your feedback on:

  1. input for the design of the Year 7 Health Check program
  2. what matters to you as a parent/guardian, health professional, teacher or member of the public
  3. privacy and sensitivity concerns.

Currently, the health of young people in the ACT is assessed using the ACT Physical Activity and Nutrition (ACTPANS) survey. It is anticipated that the Year 7 Health Check will replace the ACTPANS survey.

We will use your views to:

Your feedback will inform the final Year 7 Health Check program model, including privacy and sensitivity considerations, and future health service design in the ACT.