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How to have YourSay:

All Canberrans have a role to play in how we shape our future and the ACT Government wants to ensure that Canberrans’ voices are heard.

We're committed to delivering meaningful, responsive, accountable and inclusive opportunities for genuine engagement.

Help us improve the engagement experience we offer you by:

We are looking at:

As our city expands, we want a Canberra that’s inclusive, innovative, well-informed, involved, active and fun. We are working to make the information on our engagements clear and easy to follow, including how to participate, when and how your feedback will be used, and who we engage with.

When we engage with you, we are aiming to meet these standards:

  • We provide meaningful engagements where the community has a clear, relevant and timely information to help shape decisions.
  • We are accountable when we engage and we give the community feedback to help build an understand how they are contributing to decisions, projects and policies.
  • We are responsive to the community seeking to grow strong relationships for future collaboration and cooperation.
  • We are inclusive and respectful when we engage, finding ways to ensure engagement is equitable.

We want to know if your engagement experience with us has improved since 2018, and whether we are better meeting our engagement standards. We also want to understand if there is anything else we can do to improve your experience.

We will use your views to:

The insights about how you engage with government will help us understand your perspective, and help us take practical steps to improve the engagement experience for all Canberrans.

We’re also having ongoing conversations with stakeholder organisations in the Canberra community to better understand how we can improve the way we work together.

Engagement history

Our engagement is evolving and we are building on the experiences of Canberrans through the conversations, plans and approaches we have had over the past decade.

At the beginning of 2018, the first Whole of Government Communications and Engagement Strategy was published so Canberrans could see when they might be able to engage in decision-making.

At the same time, we surveyed the community on YourSay and by phone to better understand the engagement experience of Canberrans. You can see a summary of What We Heard here and a detailed Engagement Report here.

Since hearing from you last year, we have:

  • introduced ‘What We Heard' reports for all engagements on YourSay
  • implemented plain English, and consistent information and page structures for all online engagements on YourSay
  • published summaries of telephone survey results
  • continued discussions with peak bodies and community organisations
  • continued to support DeliberateACT, the Community of Interest for improving engagement practices, and
  • Updated the Communications and Engagement Plan so you can see what conversations are coming up in 2019.