Better Suburbs Statement

Each day the City Services division of Transport Canberra and City Services delivers a range of services to the Canberra community. Just to name a few, annually we:

  • mow almost 50,000 hectares of grass in suburban areas and along arterial roads
  • maintain around 2,500 kilometres of footpaths
  • resurface more than 1 million square metres of road
  • collect in excess of 6.8 million household rubbish collections and 3.4 million household recycling collections

City services delivery is typically reactive and often financially challenged. Canberra is also growing with more demand for services which means that the level and focus of the city services we deliver needs to change too.

We want to deliver the right mix of services and infrastructure across the ACT and community input will be important in ensuring we target our service delivery to meet changing needs and achieve the best balance of service delivery in the future.

We are taking a long-term view and ask that you do the same. We understand that there may be specific issues you would like fixed in your street or suburb in the short term. You can continue to tell us about these through existing channels such as Fix My Street or Access Canberra.

As part of this consultation we want you to adopt a forward looking view to identify what we could be doing differently to improve city service delivery over the next two years, five years or ten years.