Our commitment

The ACT Government is committed to the principles of 'Open Government', which means:

  • transparency in process and information;
  • participation by citizens in the governing process;
  • public collaboration in finding solutions to problems and participation in the improved well-being of the community

Accordingly, the Government is committed to engaging effectively with its citizens in a meaningful, accountable, responsive and equitable way.

Effective community engagement has real benefits for both the Government and the community alike through access to new ideas, sharing of skills, experiences and knowledge, and consequently developing a clearer understanding of each others' priorities, needs and expectations.

A guide to community engagement

This Guide is based on the findings from the 2010 Report and other research, and will support directorates in improving community engagement planning and practice.

It is based on best practice engagement principles and has an emphasis on:

  • expanding the range of engagement methods and activities, including Web 2.0 participation technologies, so that a variety of methods are used to reach different sections of the community;
  • reaching a wider group of citizens, including the hard-to-reach sections of the community as well as interest groups;
  • seeking broader discussions on complex issues with the community over a longer period of time where necessary;
  • providing timely feedback to participants during and after the engagement process.