In Progress

Thank you for your feedback and ideas on the future planning of Section 72. The first stage of consultation concluded on Friday 16 March 2018. We are now working towards Stage 2 engagement and will let you know in the coming weeks about when and how you can get involved.

Stage 1 Engagement Report, together with the Stakeholder Workshop outcomes are now available. In the coming weeks will provide details of Stage 2 engagement activities. We endeavour to update this site with any new project information on a weekly basis.


Dickson Section 72 has been identified by the ACT Government as a site with a number of opportunities where broader community benefits could be readily realised. The site’s location within 800 metres of major public transport services on Northbourne Avenue adjacent to the Dickson group centre and recreational facilities at the Dickson playing fields make it an important precinct to reconsider its best uses for the community.

We are consulting on the future of the precinct as part of the ACT Government’s commitment to work with the community and service providers to explore options for future uses of Dickson Section 72.

Community aspirations will be a key focus of the renewal ideas for Dickson Section 72. This includes gaining views on:

  • various land uses
  • community services
  • place making
  • landscape, infrastructure and transport requirements; and
  • transport connections to the surrounding area.

The very much loved Dickson Pool will remain and there are no thoughts to relocate this facility. We want to look at how Section 72 can continue to support the community, and how we can capitalise on the opportunities for the site to enhance the area and its amenity for the community.

Building on key messages from previous community engagement

The current planning and community engagement for Dickson Section 72 acknowledges and builds on key outcomes from previous community engagement undertaken in 2015.

Previous messages from the community included:

  • Provide integrated precinct planning for Dickson Section 72, including planning and design controls;
  • Retain community facilities, trees and open spaces in the precinct;
  • Deliver integrated public spaces and walking and cycling network;
  • Investigate alternative funding models for public space upgrades; and
  • Understand the future demand for community facilities.

Stage 1 Summary

During Stage 1 engagement for Dickson Section 72, we have been talking with the community and leaseholders about opportunities and challenges that need to be considered for the future planning of the site. We have received helpful feedback through various engagement activities, such as a workshop, Info Kiosks, Meet the Planners sessions, emails and Social Pinpoint on the YourSay website, and a number of themes and priorities are emerging:

  • Residential uses: We have received support for sustainable, supportive and community housing, co-housing, public housing and housing for people to age-in-place. This support included feedback received via the Social Pinpoint tool on the Your Say website. The most popular comment on the site produced 138 likes for ‘great location for public housing’, with 24 people disliking any public housing within the site.
  • Active travel: People want to see walking and cycling prioritised over cars, as well as better walking and cycling infrastructure and connections into and through the site. Ideas include formalising the dirt track on the northern side of the drain, a new footbridge across the drain, widening existing shared paths, providing more lighting and traffic calming measures for Hawdon Place and Rosevear Place. The valuing of active travel infrastructure was highlighted in one of the top Social Pinpoint comments, which showed the bridge crossing Sullivan’s Creek and Hawdon Place for walking and cycling liked 37 times.
  • Community facilities and inclusive communities: Some responses show that people want to see existing community facilities protected and enhanced for current and future populations. Groups that were specifically mentioned included older and younger generations, and people experiencing disadvantage.
  • Green space and urban amenity: We have heard that the trees and landscape characteristics should be protected whilst providing more active and creative spaces, such as playgrounds, parks, community gardens and a central meeting point for social interaction. There have been some suggestions made by lessees to improve interfaces between existing and future facilities to improve integration, activate green space and create safer places and urban amenity.
  • Safety and Security: Some concerns have been raised about anti-social behaviour in the area, including vandalism of buildings and some physical attacks due to the underutilisation of areas within the precinct and an associated lack of ‘eyes on the street’ and activity. This issue has been raised with mixed feedback. A Social Pinpoint comment that makes a reference to future social housing causing anti-social housing had 35 people supporting this idea while 16 people did not support this idea.
  • Parking: Some suggestions have been made to improve the quantity and configuration of parking on Rosevear Place, Hawdon Place and surface parking at the pool. Parking provision during future stages of development has been raised. Some people would also like to see less parking to encourage more walking and cycling. This mixed response is shown in a Social Pinpoint comment referring to insufficient parking for the site only receiving 4 likes but receiving 30 dislikes.
  • Density: Key messages received relate to integrating development into the landscape and tree line of the precinct (‘City in the Landscape’ character) with preferably low-rise, medium density development with active interfaces to the public places.

Participation rates during Stage 1 engagement were:

  • 1262 people via YourSay
  • 203 individuals and 8 leaseholders during ‘Meet the Planner Sessions’, ‘Info Kiosks’ and one on one meetings with leaseholders
  • 16 community workshop participants
  • 400 brochures and posters distributed at local shopping centres and streets bordering the site
  • social media audience of almost 960 individuals
  • 20 emails with written feedback or submissions.

Technical Summary:

While we have been talking with the community about Dickson Section 72, we have also been undertaking planning work. Our planning work draws upon a range of technical and background studies to support challenges and opportunities analysis and forward planning for the precinct. Key findings include:

  • Infrastructure and contamination - a sewer upgrade will be required to support any future development; stormwater feasibility work (subject to confirmation of proposed development); contamination investigation work is ongoing.
  • Ecological - there are no areas of environmental significance or triggers under Commonwealth or ACT environmental legislation within the study area.
  • Traffic and parking - any new development within the Dickson Section 72 precinct is likely to trigger the need to upgrade the Rosevear Place and/or Hawdon Place intersections with Antill Street, further short-term parking allocations should be considered for the precinct; cycle and pedestrian paths will require improvements and/or upgrades.
  • Tree Assessment - the precinct is home to over 690 trees of varying health and quality, mostly comprising species from the Eucalyptus, Pinus, Quercus, Platanus and Ulmus families.
  • Heritage - no registered heritage places or objects are recorded within Dickson Section 72.
  • Community Facilities - existing facilities may need to be upgraded and new facilities developed incrementally to support current and future populations.