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What has the government decided about the future of the site:

After extensive community consultation, site investigations and careful consideration the ACT Government has made three key decisions about the future of Canberra Technology Park to:

  • demolish and remediate the buildings on the site, prior to the sale of land
  • retain responsibility for public green space, including any upgrade and ongoing maintenance as part of any sale process
  • enter into direct negotiations with the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) with a view to reaching agreement on the terms for a direct sale of land to AIE.

The Final Report outlines the government’s decision, outcomes of the consultation process, including a government response to matters raised, and the next steps we’re going to take.

How you had YourSay:

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the future use of Canberra Technology Park. The consultation took place from 5 February to 16 March 2018. During this period, you had your say by:

  • taking the quick poll and Canberra Technology Park survey
  • dropping a comment pin on the interactive map
  • filling out the hard-copy survey and sharing their ideas at the Dickson, Hackett or Watson pop up information stalls, or the North Canberra Community Council meeting
  • during face to face meetings with community groups and stakeholders
  • providing your feedback in person by attending the Community Picnic on Sunday 4 March.

What we heard:

The What We Heard report is a snapshot of feedback we received, and is an interim report.

The Final Report outlines the government’s decision, outcomes of the consultation process and next steps.

What we looked at:

The Canberra Technology Park site, on the corner of Windeyer St and Phillip Avenue, is a public asset that was previously occupied by Watson High School from 1965 to 1988. Shortly after, Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT) took over the site. The Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) and Canberra City Band have been the main tenants at the site in recent years.

We know this is an important site for many Canberrans, whether it’s because you went to Watson High School, you’ve worked at the site, live in the area or use the oval.

During the consultation period, we asked you what you love about the site and improvements you'd like to see if it is redeveloped. Specifically, we asked:

  • Do you support the redevelopment and revitalisation of this site as a higher education and enhanced community precinct?
  • What are the most important features of the site that should be included in a new development?
  • Would you support multilevel student accommodation on the site if it preserves more of the available public green space?
  • How could the existing public green space be enhanced?

How we used your views:

We used your views to help inform government’s decision on the future use of the site and next steps.

What is happening next?

The ACT Government will be undertaking further site assessments as part of the normal process of preparing land for sale.

On Thursday 23 May 2019, site soil assessments will be undertaken, weather permitting. The immediate test locations will be closed off from general use and will affect the car park and green space located on the corner of Windeyer Street and Phillip Avenue.

Test boreholes will be established using a backhoe and small excavator and, once testing is complete, will be filled and restored to their original state. The site will still be available for use outside of the testing locations and during field work, appropriate safety measures will be in place to protect workers, car park/open space users and passing pedestrians.



Interactive map

This map is now closed for comment. During the consultation, the community were able to choose an area of the Canberra Technology Park and share a memory, make a comment, reflect on how they use the site or what they would like to see improved.
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This consultation was prompted by the need to renew the ageing infrastructure at Canberra Technology Park, and an unsolicited proposal received from The Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE), a tenant at the site since 1997.