Canberra is more than an economy – it’s an inclusive community where we want everyone to share in the benefits of a good life and the ACT Government is looking to develop a set of Wellbeing Indicators for the ACT.

One of Canberra’s greatest strengths is our inclusiveness and our willingness to recognise and respond to the diverse needs of everyone who calls our city home. The development of these indicators will ensure we keep up this focus on inclusion so that the quality of life and wellbeing of Canberrans keeps growing as our city does.

We want to know what’s important to your wellbeing, to help develop what those indicators should look like. To inform this process, we also are listening to what you have already told us is important to you. There are a large range of common themes that have been identified through previous consultations conducted by the ACT Government that relate to wellbeing, and you have told us that :

[PLEASE NOTE: The categories below are not indicative or a reflection of the final set of domains that will be included in the final set of wellbeing indicators]


  • health services, including mental health support, alcohol and drug treatment services, and aged care are some of the most important areas of government service delivery
  • we need to continue to focus on the need for prevention, early support, integration of supports and a whole of community and government collaborative approach physical and mental health and wellbeing, suicide and self-harm prevention
  • it is important to recognise there is a strong relationship between marginalisation and social disadvantage, and poorer health (including mental health) and wellbeing
  • it important that we let you know you will continue to have access to the best quality health services.


  • parents’ clear and highest priority is that their children are happy, engaged and learning how to learn
  • there should be collaboration between and support between educators, students, and parents to meet individual student needs
  • diversity in the student population should be seen as the norm, and as a strength
  • the safety of all students on territory education campuses is an important area to focus attention.


  • you want the government to continue to focus on public infrastructure, road projects and active travel considerations to continue to improve the amenity of our city
  • effective transport links are important to everyday life for most Canberrans.


  • you are concerned that climate change is a generational problem and will affect our future wellbeing
  • Canberrans really appreciate our natural environment and parks and reserves, particularly their proximity and quality you want a focus on improved waste processing and recycling service.

Economic Development & Diversification

  • the Canberra business community plays an important role in partnership with government to deliver a thriving economy;
  • as increase in gender equality and reduction in gender stereotype are critical to greater participation, equity and stronger outcomes in workplaces
  • inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities through culturally appropriate engagement strategies also key to greater participation and inclusion in our community.

Supporting Families

  • housing (and homelessness prevention), family services, disadvantaged children, disability support arrangements, domestic violence prevention, and social inclusions are key factors to Canberrans
  • a focus on the wellbeing of children and young people and the importance of social connections from the early years and their influence when life undergoes change.

Canberra Community

  • there is clear association between individuals’ health and wellbeing with where and how they live
  • that trust underpins people’s willingness to access services in the ACT
  • the use of services can be impacted by a lack of social infrastructure such as transport
  • services that are designed to encourage inclusion and participation are more likely to receive uptake
  • Canberrans value human rights and an inclusive society where everyone is respected and treated fairly and equally, and where restorative approaches are encouraged
  • there is an interest in place-based city services and maintenance.

Community Safety

  • we should continue to prioritise justice reinvestment, addressing the causes of crime, and building communities not prisons, to make Canberra safer and reduce recidivism
  • addressing drug and alcohol abuse, as well as mental health issues, contributes to improved community safety
  • you want women to feel safe in their communities and/or homes (free from violence) and increase positive and respectful community attitudes, with no tolerance for violence against women and children
  • it is important for victims of crime to be treated with respect, provided with information and have a voice in proceedings affecting them
  • we should focus on supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community leadership, self-determination and culturally appropriate community led initiatives to address disadvantage and address overrepresentation in the justice system.
  • improved social cohesion and diversity is important to combat fears around violent extremism and terrorism
  • as the bush capital it is important that we continue to have effective bushfire preparedness and strategic planning.

Land and Planning

  • you want greenspaces to have benefits for individuals, the community and institutions
  • you would like government to consider the unique character of a place before making changes that affect that place’s community
  • the community wants us to focus on the top five features that are important to the community: access to shopping precincts; access to parks and amenities; safe and connected footpaths; maintained trees and shrubs; and maintained and connected roads
  • we should engage more with you on traffic management, improved bike infrastructure services; responsible management of waste and the issue of animal welfare and management
  • environmental and sustainability practices should be key elements of our planning and development
  • We need to strive for city renewal that provides welcoming, inclusive public and private spaces that value social connectedness, community health and wellbeing and connecting people with nature.
  • we need to ensure appropriate and adequate housing options are available for all Canberrans